Missing Teeth? Start your journey to fix it with a Complimentary Assessment. 

Receive over $450 worth of treatment

5 powerful elements that make the most valuable Dental Assessment . 


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1.Case Analysis

Consultation with the Dental Implants Expert to diagnose the treatment that is best suited to your case.

2.Treatment Plan Guideline

Get to know in detail all the processes and stages to reach your desired results

3.Assess Health Fund Cover

Easily estimate how much of the fee covered from your Health Fund to your treatment.

4.Payment Options

3 most popular payment options that are proving to make the most of each budget.

Discover a customised payment plan unique to Plenty Smiles. This assures that you can start your dental treatment without worrying about financial obstacles.

5. Dental Implants Costs

Understand the differences in costs among the several dental implants options. These ranges vary from $3900 to $25.000 per arch, and you can clarify what is the treatment that is going to assure your final outcomes.

People's Smiles at Plenty Smiles


" Now I can wear a bright red lip and be comfortable with a beautiful smile."


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"I was never confident to smile. I would never smile with my teeth. This what I have today I'm very grateful, and I'm more confident within myself."



"I couldn't eat a lot of things because not having back teeth, I smiled but not a proper smile, it wasn't a full smile...This is fantastic, 100% go and do it."



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We have an extensive experience in Dental Implants

With more than 10 years of experience, Dr Manuel Bautista has successfully helped hundreds of patients with achieving the smile they truly deserve.

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Why Plenty Smiles?


Dr. Manuel placed his first dental Implant in 2012 and then decided to travel to Lisbon, Portugal in 2016 to learn about All on four procedures.  He then met Dr Paulo Malo (Creator of All-On-4) and learnt directly from the source.

With more than 14 years of experience and continuous training, he is determined to keep providing the most valuable treatment specific to each patients need. Dr Manuel focuses on staying present during the whole process of each one of his patients. Attending the required follow-ups and making sure,  as a clinician that he can provide quality and the guarantee that patients deserve.

What happens after you get your final teeth?

Your journey does not stop here.  Your maintenance phase stills a priority to us. That's is how we thrive on having in our team a well prepared and experienced Dental Hygiene Team.

Dr Adriana, our Dental Hygienist, has done further training in All On Four implant periodontal disease and Implants Maintenance Certification. Many years of experience enable her to be an expert in hygiene.

She is in charge of patients with implants in their maintenance phase to help them keep on top of their oral health while providing advice to assure a long life of implants and prosthesis.

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State of The Art Technology at Plenty Smiles

We count with the best dental technologies that are out there. Digital Impressions  (Full mouth 3D-Scan, Digital Smile DSD), X-Ray machines and one of the best Lab technicians in Melbourne to guarantee the best quality materials and implants.

We create smiles 100% digitally assisted to assure maximum precision, long-life lasting and high grade of customisation.

Digital Smiles Design (DSD):

With DSD technology we can design the smile you want in just a few minutes. This master tool allows us to design more advanced treatment plans, getting more precision in the customization of your implants and giving the clinician better knowledge of the design.

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7 powerful reasons

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Note: this Complimentary Consultation is Free of charge. Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks and benefits. Before proceeding, seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.